Hotel and hostel concept

Everybody can use any types of hotel or hostel services like hotel rooms or hostel beds, for business or leisure travel, for an hour, a single night, a week or several months.

Completely furnished apartment or bed in the hotel and hostel of Murom
Murom's Yard hotel & hostel perfectly fits the needs of alone or family travelers, entertainment and events customers, or business purposes.

Our clear, fresh and fully equipped rooms offer all required amenities with a sleeping area, shared and separated bathrooms, washing machiene an fully equipped kitchen and kitchenette and of course necessary connection to the free internet via WI-FI. Hotel's dinning room fits for everyday staying purposes and for events. Lounge zone and open air terrace adds opportunities for entertainment, rest or work with a laptop.

Mini-hotel provides facilities for events and entrtainment purposes.

With Murom's Yard services, you feel right at home for small fee!